Video Collections from the Knowledge Center

Refresh your lectures by adding videos or simply enjoy a film through the Library.  The Knowledge Center licenses a large collection of videos called Academic Video Online which is comprised of numerous smaller collections (listed below). They also license collections through Films on Demand and Kanopy.

All of these titles can be found in their A-Z list of Databases at:

Academic Video Online

  • American History in Video
  • American Newsreels in Video
  • Art and Architecture in Video
  • Asian Film Online
  • BBC Video Collection
  • Black Studies in Video
  • Business Education in Video
  • Counseling and Therapy In Video
  • Current Affairs in Video
  • Dance in Video
  • Education in Video
  • Environmental Studies in Video
  • Ethnographic Video Online
  • Fashion Studies Online
  • Filmakers Library Online
  • French newsreels in Video
  • Health and Society in Video
  • Japanese Newsreels in Video
  • Latin America in Video
  • LGBT Studies in Video
  • New World Cinima
  • PBS Video Collection
  • Silent Film Online
  • The March of Time
  • Theatre in Video
  • World History in Video
  • World Newsreels Online 1929-1966

Examples from Academic Video Online

Methadonia (New York, NY: First Run Features, 2005, 1 hour 28 minutes)

Follows a group of recovering heroin addicts over a period of eighteen months as they deal with the trials of methadone maintenance treatment.

A Good Death (Produced by Sue Spencer, 2010, ABC Commercial, in Four Corners, 56 minutes)

Follows four Australians as they come to the end of their lives and the people determined to give them a good death.

Examples from Films on Demand

Sports Concussions and Youth Athletes (Films Media Group, 2013.  MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, PBS NewsHour, 5 minutes, 48 seconds)

PBS NewsHour correspondent Elana Michelle investigates why young athletes are incurring more concussions during team sports. Original broadcast date: April 01, 2013

The Aging Brain:  Through Many Lives (Films Media Group, 2001. PBS, 56 minutes)

At age 95, the poet Stanley Kunitz was named U.S. poet laureate and was still writing new poems and reading to live audiences – an inspiring example of the brain’s vitality in the final years of life.  This program presents recent discoveries in neuroscience that tell us how the brain ages, and how that aging process and intact mental functions aren’t mutually exclusive.  The film demonstrates that older brains continue producing new neurons and possess unique characteristics that form the basis for wisdom. Alzheimer’s disease is also an important topic.

Examples from Kanopy

OSHA Standards:  Blood-Borne Pathogens (Joel Collazo, 2015, NEVCO Education, 31 minutes)

Healthcare professionals put themselves in high risk situations daily.  This program will discuss transmission, prevention and treatment modalities related to blood-borne pathogens and how to protect yourself.  We explore infection control and procedures for care that comply with OSHA standards.

Higher Education: The New Global Economic War (Jean-Robert Vaillet, Java Films Exclusives, 2016. 1 hour, 23 minutes)

There were 13 million university students in 1960. In 2015, their ranks had swollen to nearly 200 million. Universities are operating in the world’s most competitive knowledge economy and they are waging a ferocious battle to attract the brightest minds form around the globe.

Higher Education delves into the key, decision-making seats where money and politics intermingle and reveals the deep cultural divide between a lucrative Anglo-Saxon model of funding and the universal independent European model. We also document the emergence of a new class of over-educated and over-indebted workers.