New Design for Quiet Space

You asked, we listened! This summer we worked with our furniture vendor and their designer to come up with a design for the quiet area that might help in reducing the noise. We reviewed the initial design with a group of M2 students who asked for a number of revisions.

This design addresses two issues mentioned:

  1. Request for larger desk space. This design shows the space with every other carrel divider removed to create more desk space.
  2. Reduce noise. This design shows the installation of acoustical panels which are sound absorbing.

While these changes will not completely solve the noise issue, they should improve the situation. Please let us know what you think of the new design and let us know of any other comments or suggestion you may have. Stop by to chat with us or feel free to email your comments to

We have the design displayed in the quiet area with post-it notes and paper for comments. These can be left on or near the display or turned in at our front desk.